September 24, 2017

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All Souls is committed to being present in our community and our world as witness God's love.  We accomplish this goal through our local ministries and our international offerings.

Serving others is deeply rooted in what we believe and do at All Souls. 


Throughout the year special offerings and fund raisers are held to support these endeavors.


Local Ministry and Missions include:

    * The Soup Kitchen at Carver Center     

    * Food 2 Grow On

        (weekly distribution of food to local elementary school children) 

    * Support of Port Chester Residents for Affordable Housing


World Wide Missions include:

    * Working at missions in Mexico, Haiti, Kenya and Nicaragua

    * Donations to work in Honduras, Croatia, Kosovo and North Carolina
    * Donations to remove landmines in Afghanistan
    * Donations to the Heifer Project. In past years we were able to donate a whole cow, 

    * Donations to Doctors Without Borders
    * CROP walk

    * Providing emerency baby and school kits through Church World Service

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