November 20, 2017

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While the following paragraphs refer mainly to the financial aspect of stewardship, we at All Souls Parish believe in the stewardship of all life -- our time, our talents, and our treasure. Over 63% of our membership is active in some form of ministry of this parish beyond regular worship attendance. We freely offer our time and talent to the ongoing support of the church, through leading study groups, teaching church school, serving on boards, working with the publication of the Messenger (our weekly newsletter) or participating in one of our small groups. Stewardship of God's gifts to us needs to be a way of life, not merely a seasonal exercise of pledging financial support.

    Pledging - Our yearly pledge assists the Session (the governing body of the congregation) in preparing an annual budget for the church; this includes mission outreach beyond All Souls. The budget is heavily dependent on our giving in thankful response to God. Please speak with our Financial Secretary, Carol Davis (914) 939-3077 for more information.

    Deacons Fund - The Deacons' ministry is supported entirely by gifts from members and friends. Members and friends are encouraged to make a second offering the first Sunday of each month to support the Deacons' Fund. Monies from this fund are used to help individuals in need in this community and to support local mission ministries.

    Endowment Fund - All Souls has established a fund to honor or memorialize relatives or friends or to give thanks to God for special occasions. Your tributes are used to help fund special building projects and programs in the church. You may send a contribution in any amount (separate contributions for separate tributes, please). Tributes are printed in the worship bulletin. Please use the envelopes available in the pews, the narthex (foyer) or the Church Office for your offering.

    Sanctuary Flowers - You may contribute toward the cost of sanctuary flowers for one week to honor or memorialize loved ones. The cost of flowers is $25. Your gift is acknowledged in the worship bulletin. Please sign up on the bulletin board in the hallway by the narthex. Seasonal plants are available at Christmas and Easter.


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